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BCBA Troubleshooting

Last Updated: August 24, 2021

Technical Difficulties

Due to the nature of our remote services, there may be technical issues that arise during a session.  We’ve outlined a few common difficulties that you or a client may encounter while on a call. Since you are directly interacting with each client, being able to help them resolve common issues quickly will mean there is little disruption to the session.


Below, we walk through the four common technical difficulties that you or a client may face on a call.

Can't See and/or Hear Client

Sometimes a client will be able to see or hear you, but not both—or vice versa. This is often an error in the entry page and simply requires you to refresh the page (DO NOT END THE CALL). If that doesn’t work, you may need to restart your browser. See the below video for more details.

Microphone and/or Video is Not Working

When you or a client’s microphone or video is not working, it is likely due to the permissions on the web browser. Here’s a video that quickly explains how to adjust the permissions.

Audio is Echoing

Sometimes audio can start to echo for one person on the call. When this happens, it is best to either connect (or disconnect) headphones. This video explains this in more detail.

Video is Lagging

If you or your client’s video is lagging, we recommend you both close any unused applications or tabs. If this does not work, you will need to check your internet speed at The video below provides more detail:

We have a parent and BCBA troubleshooting guide that are linked below. We recommend you bookmark these pages for easy reference.  

In the case that you need more robust tech support, please reach out to the #BCBASupport channel in Slack. If the issue cannot be resolved within the session time it’s best to reschedule the session and reach out for support to resolve the issue.

At the end of the session, any time spent on troubleshooting tech can be billed to the code 00000 for non-billable time.

The troubleshooting page for parents can be found here: Although they can find this on their end, it may be helpful to send this to them in a chat whenever they are experiencing technical difficulties.

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