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What makes AnswersNow different from other ABA companies?

AnswersNow is committed to removing the barriers to service for families that may not fit into traditional in-home or in-clinic models. We offer services for families that are seeking flexible schedules and individualized therapy that match their specific needs. We are also able to serve clients who live in areas with limited access to behavior analysts as well as those who are school-aged.

What is the BCBA-direct model?

Our model is different from a tiered-service delivery model (BCBA/RBT) in that all therapy services are delivered by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to the client and family. This allows the client and family to benefit immediately from the expertise of the BCBA and removes the need to translate procedures, protocols, and program modification to another service provider (i.e., an RBT). This also creates greater connectivity between the BCBA and a more stable therapeutic relationship for our clients.

How does AnswersNow foster a collaborative team environment in a remote model?

We believe that collaboration and resource sharing among BCBAs produces higher quality results on behalf of our clients! Our Clinical Directors encourage collaboration between BCBAs by hosting bi-weekly BCBA meetings which allow BCBAs to ask questions and participate in peer review. We also use a messaging system for BCBAs to communicate directly with Clinical Leadership and each other. Our BCBAs have produced valuable continuing education training for our internal Learning Community series.

What does telehealth service delivery look like at AnswersNow?

With the help of our team of BCBAs, our team built a custom virtual platform that allows us to  deliver remote ABA therapy that mirrors the controlled environment of an in-person or in-clinic experience. We have successfully delivered over 10,000 hours of therapy and do everything virtually, from orientation to assessment and ongoing therapy sessions.

What is a “day in the life” of an AnswersNow BCBA?

Our service and clinical supervision model allow AnswersNow to match BCBAs with clients that match their clinical experience and expertise. Our continuum of focused ABA therapy ranges from fully parent-led to direct instruction service line. A BCBA may build a schedule that allows them to provide a variety of different learners with a mixture of programming across several scheduled appointments and fostering collaboration to support areas of need for clients where individuals may need additional resources.

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