Personalized ABA Therapy, Accessible Everywhere

ABA Therapy accessible to your family

Our mission

We’re on a mission to make the world as big as possible for individuals with autism.

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Personalized, evidence-based care

Every person with autism has different needs, so our team tailors the ABA evidence-based approach to specifically address the concerns and priorities of your family.
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One-on-one expert support

We thoughtfully match your child with one of our incredible board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) who have a master’s degree or PhD and over 1,000 hours of training.
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Access anytime, anywhere

All therapy sessions are hosted over our proprietary digital platform so we’re able to support your child on a schedule that works for your family — in a comfortable, familiar setting.
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Our comprehensive therapy includes:

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Focused Sessions
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Parent/Caregiver Training
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Family-Centered Care
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Tailored Activities
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One-on-One Reporting
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Specific individualized Goals & Interventions
We offer comprehensive ABA therapy
The Process

How it works



Connect with a member of our Intake Team for a brief, introductory phone call.


If eligible for our services, our Clinical Team sets up a virtual Assessment.

Provider Pairing

Based on the Assessment results, our Clinical Team thoughtfully matches your family with one of our dedicated PhD or Master’s-level therapists.


Your child or family member meets face-to-face with their dedicated therapist multiple times a week or even daily on our virtual platform.
Our Families

What parents have to say

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We are so grateful to have found you. Our therapist is amazing. We cannot imagine life without her. Our child asks for her constantly and has developed a strong connection in the relatively little time we have been working together.
Sam, Virginia
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There is so much growth in very little time! Tons of emerging language and significant increase in flexibility.
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We weren't totally sure that we would see significant improvement. But the growth in our child is incredible. As parents we also feel supported and feel like we are learning tools for life.
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It has been a lifesaver for our family during the long wait time for the in-person ABA. He has grown so much and life is good.
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After many years of private therapy and school therapy, no one has ever come up with goals like our AnswersNow BCBA has. I’m in awe. The school is looking to her for guidance. No one has ever stepped up like she has.
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I just wanted to say a big thank you to AnswersNow, and especially our BCBA. She is very responsive, has great suggestions, and truly tries to understand my situation. She understands not just from the clinical perspective, but also from the parent side as well.
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My caregiver training is holistic in its approach. I’m taught strategies to help my child while also looking at my wellbeing as a caregiver. It empowers me to be an effective and thoughtful caregiver. It’s individualized and very driven to help both me and my child succeed.
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We are so pleased and impressed. We live in a rural area with no access to ABA services, and our BCBA has been SO very helpful to us in the short amount of time that we've been working with her.
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