AnswersNow For BCBAs

Deliver direct ABA Therapy Remotely

  • Deliver direct, virtual ABA therapy from our digital platform
  • Manage your own schedule and we’ll manage the billing
  • Access a supportive clinical team, resources and engaging weekly meetings
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Why BCBAs love working with us

  • Make your own hours within our standard session timeframes. We match you with families who will fit the hours you have available!
  • Limit non-billable time. Spend your hours doing what you’re passionate about, and not spent driving, marketing, or billing.
  • Meaningful and reliable income.  Pick the number of families you want to work with, get paid monthly, and enjoy added bonuses and perks.
  • Become part of a community.  Our clinicians meet weekly and rely on each other for guidance and feedback
  • Free CEU’s provided by AnswersNow staff training

Why Ting loves working with us

"To be part of a revolutionary way to bring ABA services to the home? Work from home? Flexible hours?

I know good things when I see them. The biggest benefit this role has offered me is the ability to continue my career as a BCBA while still being a mom and witnessing all my child’s milestones."

Ting, BCBA
Ting B, BCBA based out of Virginia
24/7 Family & Personalized Therapy
AnswersNow Caregiver
"After many years of private therapy and school therapy, no one has ever come up with goals like our AnswersNow BCBA has. I’m in awe. The school is looking to her for guidance. She also offered to work with his new psychologist. No one has ever stepped up like she has."
AnswersNow Caregiver
"I just wanted to say a big thank you to AnswersNow, and especially our BCBA. She is very responsive, has great suggestions, and truly tries to understand my situation. She understands not just from the clinical perspective, but also from the parent side as well."
AnswersNow Clinician
"My family just shared that they see a major improvement with their child’s imitation skills and greetings, and they can notice him generalizing! They've also seen a decrease in his jumping on furniture. They’ve had NO incidents in the last 2 weeks (we started 6 weeks ago)."
AnswersNow Caregiver
"Every parent could benefit from using this service! Very supportive clinicians providing great ideas to help solve issues for both me and my child."
AnswersNow Caregiver
"We are so pleased and impressed. We live in a rural area with no access to ABA services and Nicole has been SO very helpful to us in the short amount of time that we've been working with her."
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