Tonya S
Specializing in autistic speech

Meghan B.

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My Work Style

I always work with the big picture in mind! Small things today lead to bigger things tomorrow. I am super hands on and approachable, I want to make sure the whole team is on the same page to best meet a clients needs!

Area of Expertise

Problem behaviors, school readiness, executive functioning skills, functional communication, social skills

BHCOE Accreditation

What I Do To De-stress In My Free Time

Traveling, spending time with my family, and walking my daschund – Milo ☺

Why I Became a BCBA

I have always been so drawn to this field. I think that I am so lucky that I get to share so many successes with so many different types of clients. From teaching the younger population their first words to assisting some of my previous adult clients with getting their first job, I always feel so grateful to be a part of those moments. ABA can be so powerful and I cannot imagine doing anything else!

What Previous Clients Would Say About Me

I am fun, engaged, and goal focused. I will work hard to make sure they meet their goals!

What I Love Most About What I Do

Working with clients to build goals that are meaningful to them.

Most Challenging Professional Moment

Trying to prioritize interventions while working in environments that are understaffed or underfunded.

Most Rewarding Professional Moment

Helping a client get their first job! Hearing a client use their own voice to get their wants met (McDonalds fries specifically). Clients graduating from ABA and moving to the next environment. A rewarding moment can be found in almost everyday!

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