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My Work Style

My work style as a clinician is more of a holistic approach. Many of my previous clients have had other mental health issues other than autism and intellectual disabilities. Due to my psychology background, it is hard to ignore that mental health disorders and family dynamics influence their ability to learn, adapt, and focus. For this reason, I like to work as a team with my client and my client’s family to get a better understanding of their overall environment. My goal is to strive for overall quality support. I plan to accomplish this by preparing for sessions ahead of time, finding a creative way to deliver information and reinforcements, and continuing my education.

Area of Expertise

Early Intervention, Parent Training, Natural Environment Training, Discrete Trial Training, Daily Living Skills, Behavior Reduction, and Functional Communication Training

BHCOE Accreditation

What I Do To De-stress In My Free Time

I like to go for walks, lie at the beach, get monthly massages, and watch a good movie with my family.

Why I Became a BCBA

I became a BCBA because applied behavior analysis helped my family when one of my sons was born with Spina Bifida and the other was diagnosed with Asperger’s. I have been using ABA techniques years before I decided to join the career field to help others. Seeing my kids progress over the years made me aware that this is the same type of service I would like to provide for other families that needed an advocate for their children needs.

What Previous Clients Would Say About Me

Previous clients will say that I go over and beyond for my clients and that I quickly start to feel like family. I have often heard that it’s clear I love what I do and have no problem helping at any time. Even if I don’t know the answer to something I will find someone that does, so that I can give the family the feedback that they deserve.

What I Love Most About What I Do

I love making a difference, meeting new people, learning new things, and helping them grow.

Most Challenging Professional Moment

am a military spouse, so my most challenging moments before telehealth would be moving and having to leave behind families that I had grown to love.

Most Rewarding Professional Moment

Helping a client that had severe problem behaviors continue to live in the home with her parents instead of been sent to live in a residential facility.

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