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Specializing in autistic speech

Flor De Amelia Lizette H.

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My Work Style

My work style is very much focusing on the family and the learner’s needs. How I work to achieve success for the learner is by working as a team and a lot of active listening on my part. My teaching method is not how I prefer to do things but instead how the learner best learns the material being taught.

Area of Expertise

School-based issues, IEP Goals and Objectives, Early intervention, Problem behavior reduction, Play skills, Social skills deficits, Communication deficits, Functional life skills, self-care and Academic/pre-academic skills.

BHCOE Accreditation

What I Do To De-stress In My Free Time

Watching movies with my family! My husband and I love watching our childhood 90s movies with our kiddos. It is a nostalgic experience. I also look forward to family game night!

Why I Became a BCBA

As a parent of a child with Autism and epilepsy, I have experience how ABA opened doors other treatments could not unlock for my little one. Before being introduced to the ABA world, I dreaded every birthday because it was a gentle reminder her learning gap continued to widen even further when compared to her neurotypical peers. The day I started being hopeful she would be able to gain and retain skills was when she was finally singing parts of ABCs and learning how to imitate others during one of her ABA sessions! This inch-stone was enough for me to envision she may one day be able to be independent. It was at that time I knew I had to help other families access ABA and support them through this emotional roller coaster ride.

What Previous Clients Would Say About Me

My clients would say I work very hard to individualized treatment plans to best fit the learner and family’s needs. I break things down for the families and learner so that progress can be attainable. My families would also say maintaining a healthy working relationship is very important to me and work as a team player that collaborates positively with families, school staff, and other professionals working with our leaner.

What I Love Most About What I Do

Working with families!!! I love supporting my learners and their families. The continuous accomplishments are what keeps me going.

Most Challenging Professional Moment

When we are seeing significant progress at home, but the school system isn’t cooperating with us to try to help them see similar progress at the school setting. Collaborating with others is vital for the learner’s progress.

Most Rewarding Professional Moment

The most rewarding moments I have experienced is when my families feel strong enough to go into IEPs without me! Or not needing me to look through their child’s IEPs because they know what to look out for and know what a good IEP looks like. Or when families feel comfortable enough to explore their communities without my support because they have mastered how to follow the behavior intervention plan, we as a team have put into place. It is so rewarding knowing my families are developing a strong self-esteem on themselves and are finally able to see themselves as their child’s BEST ADVOCATE.

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