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Streamline the Path to Treatment

  • Eliminate wait periods and travel for your patients
  • Connect patients to Masters and PhD-level behavior analysts
  • We work with all major insurance providers including Medicaid
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How our Digital Therapy Experience works

  • Your patient meets with a member of the AnswersNow Clinical Team for a free, no-obligation video or phone call.  
  • If eligible for our services, we thoughtfully match your patient with our most suitable behavior analyst.
  • From this moment, your patient is cared for by a dedicated behavior analyst, connecting face-to-face via video multiple times per week or daily.

Some people may be less familiar with computers, tablets and video calls. That's OK!

Our friendly Support Team is ready to walk those individuals, step-by-step, through the onboarding process and ensure they're comfortable on the platform.

at every step

When you refer families to us, we guarantee a prompt response from one of our clinicians.

“Our team in the Autism Diagnostic Clinic has enjoyed working with AnswersNow. The professionalism and prompt response provided when we refer AnswersNow or when one of our patients has a question has been very beneficial to our patients and their families.” - Erika, RN

Partnering with Rural Medical Offices

At AnswersNow, we believe all families should have access to quality ABA Therapy regardless of their location.

Barrier to Care:
  • Access to ABA Therapy Services for families living in rural areas is often limited or completely unavailable.
AnswersNow Solution:
  • AnswersNow was created to ensure families everywhere have the opportunity to receive quality ABA therapy.
Barrier to Care:
  • Reliable internet access can be a challenge for families living in rural areas, and cellular costs can be prohibitive.
AnswersNow Solution:
  • If internet access is a challenge, AnswersNow provides your patient with a cellular tablet at no additional cost.

Please contact us if you believe your patients could benefit from our services.

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AnswersNow Caregiver
"After many years of private therapy and school therapy, no one has ever come up with goals like our AnswersNow BCBA has. I’m in awe. The school is looking to her for guidance. She also offered to work with his new psychologist. No one has ever stepped up like she has."
AnswersNow Caregiver
"I just wanted to say a big thank you to AnswersNow, and especially our BCBA. She is very responsive, has great suggestions, and truly tries to understand my situation. She understands not just from the clinical perspective, but also from the parent side as well."
AnswersNow Clinician
"My family just shared that they see a major improvement with their child’s imitation skills and greetings, and they can notice him generalizing! They've also seen a decrease in his jumping on furniture. They’ve had NO incidents in the last 2 weeks (we started 6 weeks ago)."
AnswersNow Caregiver
"Every parent could benefit from using this service! Very supportive clinicians providing great ideas to help solve issues for both me and my child."
AnswersNow Caregiver
"We are so pleased and impressed. We live in a rural area with no access to ABA services and Nicole has been SO very helpful to us in the short amount of time that we've been working with her."
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