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My kid hated Zoom school, will this be different?

Absolutely. One, our digital platform is specifically designed for ABA (no Zoom here).  This leads to a more engaging therapy experience. Two, our clinicians go through a 3+ hour training to ensure they're able to deliver a meaningful experience for your family.

How long is your waitlist?

We never have a waitlist.

Will it work if I don't have great wifi?

We're committed to providing an exceptional experience. If the wifi is a barrier we'll provide any necessary updates at no cost to the family.

Can I or my child meet with our clinician after 5pm or on weekend?

Definitely. We're here to provide a flexible and convenient therapy experience.

What if I don't like my clinician?

We ask that you work with your clinician for two-weeks.  If after that period you're unsatisfied we're happy to go through the matching process again!

How do we Achieve our Results?

The talent pool of ABA behavior analysts is not evenly distributed throughout the country. Our innovative Digital ABA Experience, coupled with our national recruitment initiative and first-class training program,  enables AnswersNow to connect you with many of the best behavior analystss licensed to provide ABA therapy in your state.

We work with all major insurance providers.
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