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Anywhere in the US

Are you a BCBA that feels passionately about making an impact on the children and families you serve? Are you interested in having fun while working at a recently-funded, scaling startup? Have you ever wondered why you can’t work with families virtually during your downtime?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, AnswersNow may be the right company for you! We’re a tight-knit, early-stage company that is on a mission to make quality ABA therapy more accessible to more families. We’re looking for part-time BCBAs for a contract-based position to join our team. BCBAs will report directly to the Director of Clinical Services and reap all of the benefits of a clinician-led organization.

AnswersNow is based out of Richmond, VA, but we’re a fully remote team, so applicants can live anywhere in the country and be eligible for this position. Our technology and clinicians have facilitated endless hours of direct therapy to families and their children with autism, who otherwise are underserved. Come join our growing team to get autism therapy into every corner of the globe!

Your responsibilities:

  • Implement the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to increase socially significant behaviors and decrease maladaptive behaviors for clients
  • Provide remote parent training and supervision to parents
  • Have a minimum of 10 hours of availability spread across 3 or more days of the week
  • Provide remote direct therapy to clients
  • Conduct remote assessments (such as VB-MAPP, Vineland, Preference Assessments, etc.) to determine client social, play, ADL, communication, and behavioral needs
  • Conduct remote functional behavioral assessments
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Implement all principles of applied behavior analysis appropriately and ethically, per BACB ethical guidelines
  • Review client records to ensure quality assurance
  • Appropriately assess, analyze, and train parents regarding issues or concerns
  • Exhibit effective communication with colleagues, other providers, and supervisors

Why BCBA’s love working with us:

  • Make your own hours: We match you with families who will fit the hours you have available.
  • Limit non-billable time: Spend your hours doing what you’re passionate about, and not spent driving, marketing, or billing.
  • Meaningful and reliable income: Pick the number of families you want to work with, get paid monthly, and enjoy added bonuses and perks.
  • Become a part of a community: Our clinicians meet weekly and rely on each other for guidance and feedback.
  • Free CEU’s provided by AnswersNow staff training

If this sounds like a fit for you, click the apply link in the upper right hand corner.

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Aug 19, 2022
Anywhere in the US

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The talent pool of ABA behavior analysts is not evenly distributed throughout the country. Our innovative Digital ABA Experience, coupled with our national recruitment initiative and first-class training program,  enables AnswersNow to connect you with many of the best behavior analystss licensed to provide ABA therapy in your state.

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