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Swimming Safely: ASD Friendly Pools in Virginia

Jul 7, 2021
Allison Siegel and Courtney K.
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First and foremost, ASD parents should know that for many, swimming is not only possible, but could even prove to have benefits for their child! Autism Parenting Magazine reports that swimming can help children with autism improve concentration, mental alertness, responsiveness, and peace of mind in just 30-40 minutes. 

And as for all children, the peace of mind that a parent will have knowing that their child has the life saving skill of swimming is priceless. 

If you’re looking for tips for how to make swimming lessons successful for your child, Misty Hall of the United States Swim School’s Special Abilities Committee gave a great breakdown on that you can access here.

One of the best tips AnswersNow can give though is to work with a partner that is equipped with knowledge and expertise to make your experience a success. Below, you’ll find a list of Virginia-based swim schools that you can check out if you’re ready to dive in! 

1. Swim Richmond - Autism Swims

The Autism Swims program with Swim Richmond is specifically designed for children with autism, meaning that your child will receive lessons curated for their needs. You’ll receive visual schedules and visual storyboards that will help your child understand lessons and set goals. Best of all, they have a high retention of staff members led by Dr. Debbie Kelo, certified by USA Swimming’s Children With Challenges initiative.

2. Swim Kids - Special Abilities Swim Lessons
If you’re looking for someone to teach your child skills both in and out of the pool, Swim Kids can help you in their Gainesville, Leesburg, Woodbridge, and Fredericksburg locations. Swim Kids splits the goals of their special abilities children into the two categories of swimming and life because they know each child brings unique skills and strengths to their swimming education.

3. Sunsational Swim School - Special Needs Swimming Lessons
Are you a family with an at-home pool in the Virginia Beach area? Maybe having an instructor come to your house and teaching your kids how to swim in a familiar environment is the best option for you! Don’t have a pool at home, but have a pool in your area without an autism-friendly swim program? Sunsational Swim instructors will come to that pool and hold the lesson there. That’s a win-win-win.

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