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7 Inspiring Autism Videos: Learn from People on the Spectrum

Nov 13, 2019
Jordan Brown
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We’re sharing these videos for you here so that you can always find them whenever you need some positivity and autism inspiration. These videos can also be helpful if you’d like to spread some autism awareness of your own! That’s why we created this list: to be a helpful resource for parents of children with autism, as well as for people who just want to be better autism advocates.

What Being Autistic Taught Me About Being Human | Daniel Wendler | TEDxBend

Daniel grew up wondering why he had such a hard time making friends. He wanted people to like him, but he couldn’t figure out what he was doing wrong. Daniel was diagnosed with autism right before high school and his family’s move across the country. Finally realizing that his brain worked differently than other kids’ brains, he decided that he had no choice but to make himself invisible at his new school. What happened next didn’t play out according to his plan, but it was the start of an incredible series of discoveries for Daniel. What he realized is that the feelings he had weren’t just because of his autism; they were part of something greater. Something that connected him to others.

Sesame Street and Autism: Highlight Reel

Sesame Street is famous for educating and inspiring children the world over, and the show has always done an excellent job of showcasing the diversity that makes the world turn. One way that Sesame Street teaches about differences is by having a character on the show that is on the autism spectrum. This autism video is a fantastic collection of times when Sesame Street featured children with autism and the families who love them.

The beautiful reality of autism | Guy Shahar | TEDxWandsworth

Guy Shahar is an autism dad who struggled to know what to do when his son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. His confusion led to research, which eventually led to some eye-opening discoveries.. This father realized that autism is a lifelong condition, yes, but that it’s not necessarily the devastating diagnosis for his son that he was initially led to believe. In this video, Shahar talks about his work with the Transforming Autism project, work that he has committed to do to show the world a more hopeful view of life on the autism spectrum. Here’s the YouTube description for his moving and educational TED Talk:

In this talk, Guy uses the experiences and insights that he has gathered in his years as the father of an autistic boy to propose a radically different perspective on autism. Far from being a disability characterized by a set of accepted difficulties, he suggests that the underlying condition that gives rise to what we call autism is, in fact, one to be cherished.

Amazing Things Happen

This beautiful animation will change how you think about autism. As the narrator says at the end of the video: “Autism can make amazing things happen.” Try to watch this animation all the way through and not smile. We don’t think you’ll be able to do it!

My Autism - by George

This is one incredible young man. George is a boy of many talents: he’s a dancer, a music producer, and a videographer, among other things. And he just so happens to live with autism and was nonverbal for the first few years of his life. Maybe that’s why he quickly figured out so many creative ways to communicate! This is by far the most popular video on our list in terms of the number of views on YouTube, so you are not going to want to skip this one.

This 26-Year-Old Baseball Player With Autism Is An Inspiration On The Field | Sunday TODAY

This professional baseball player inspired young athletes in 2018 when he signed a minor league contract with the Kansas City Royals. He has autism, but that hasn’t stopped him from excelling at the sport he loves. Watch this video and hear this incredible individual talk about his journey become the first individual with autism to play professional baseball.

How a Life of Autism is a Heartwarming Inspiration to Us All | Paul Morris | Goalcast

We saved a tear-jerker for our final autism video. In this short video, Paul Morris gives quite the emotional speech about living with autism. From not being able to communicate to needing to be taught how to talk and listen, Paul’s journey to adulthood has not been an easy one. Watch this video and see for yourself! You’ll get goosebumps listening to Paul tell his tale of just how far he has come.

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