Jennifer L.


What I Do To De-stress In My Free Time

I enjoy traveling around the world and spending time with my family and loved ones.

My Work Style

My work style truly aligns with my personality. I enjoy connecting with people from different backgrounds and seeing what is truly socially valid for them. My goal as a clinician is to create hope and independence for each family and child that I encounter and work with. The client’s family are our true clients and providing them the tools to become independent from services and continue to blossom the efforts of their child using behavioral principles, are my goals for services.

Areas of Expertise

language development, parent training, social skill acquisition.

What I Do To De-stress In My Free Time

I enjoy traveling around the world and spending time with my family and loved ones.

Why I Became a BCBA

I always found it amazing to see growth in individuals based on what I’ve seen and the data. Creating positive behavioral change and being that slight push to a better and effective life for people, has always been a driving force in my career.

What Previous Clients Would Say About Me

Previous clients would say that I am personable, motivating, hardworking, and behavior change driven.

What I Love Most About What I Do

The different personalities of the children and the DATA!

Most Challenging Professional Moment

During my time as an RBT, I worked on a case that was intended to decrease the amount of elopement and hospitalizations. It was amazing to see how the FBA (functional behavioral assessment) was able to gather enough information to determine that the behaviors targeted were maintained by attention. The team began to attempt to increase the amount of attention provided from parents to child and began to notice a difference in the amount of elopement and hospitalizations. Unfortunately, the parents were more open to placing the child in a residential placement. This professional moment I found quite challenging because as much as I wanted them to work towards a less restrictive solution the parents were not invested in the ABA solution.

Most Rewarding Professional Moment

One of the most rewarding moments in my career was providing language to a child that was initially non-verbal. Seeing the joy in the eyes of the parents who now can have a verbal back and forth exchange with their child, was truly heartwarming.

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