The Digital Platform

Built for your child and their therapy experience by clinicians

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The Digital Platform

Built for your child and their therapy experience by clinicians

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Allie , Clinical Director
Allie, Clinical Director

AnswersNow Digital Experience

The AnswersNow digital platform was custom-built by clinicians to deliver individualized, face-to-face therapy sessions to families everywhere. Our platform is easy-to-use, and has integrated activities designed to help your child’s behavior analyst engage them in their care and help them meet their goals.

You can easily join a therapy session, message your child’s behavior analyst, and track your child’s progress all from one spot. And you can log on from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone!

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How our Digital Therapy Experience works

  • You meet with a member of the AnswersNow Clinical Team for a free, no-obligation video call. 
  • If eligible for our services, we thoughtfully match your child with our most suitable behavior analyst.
  • From this moment, your child is cared for by a dedicated behavior analyst, connecting face-to-face via video multiple times per week or daily.

For families who are less familiar with computers (or tablets) and video calls, our Support Team will ensure you're set up and comfortable on the platform.

We work with all major insurance providers.
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AnswersNow has behavior analysts available in your area. Call us to start your child’s ABA therapy journey today.

Let's Address Some Common Concerns About Digital Therapy

At AnswersNow, we believe all families should have access to quality ABA Therapy regardless of their location.

  • I’m not sure digital care is for me or my child.
AnswersNow Solution
  • During our intake process, our Support Team uses our digital platform so that both you and your child can determine whether it’s a good fit before proceeding with therapy. 
  • I don’t have access to a desktop computer or tablet.
AnswersNow Solution
  • No worries, if your family doesn’t have access to a computer or tablet, our Support Team can work with you to provide a tablet at no additional cost.
  • I don’t have reliable internet access.
AnswersNow Solution
  • If internet access is a challenge, our Support Team can ensure you are connected reliably through cellular data at no additional cost.
  • My child did not do well with Zoom school. 
AnswersNow Solution
  • Unlike Zoom school, our therapy sessions are hosted on a digital platform designed by clinicians specifically for engaging individuals in therapy. Also, all of our sessions are delivered in a one-on-one format by our PhD and Master’s-Level clinicians, who have tailored the approach to meet your child’s individual needs and goals.

    Learn more about our approach here.

If you think your family could benefit from our services, please contact us.

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Improves access to care

Many families face a lack of behavior analysts in their communities or waitlists that can last upwards of 2 years; we can get families from assessment to treatment in as few as 3 weeks


Improves provider coordination

Allows access to a wider pool of clinicians with specialties that match an individual’s unique needs that might not otherwise be available to them


Promotes continuity of care

Reduces interruptions or cancellations of therapy due to inclement weather, sickness or quarantine/isolation


Reduces cost and improves efficiency

Helps save families money by eliminating travel costs, and more readily meets scheduling needs 


Reduces provider burnout

Eliminates time for behavior analysts traveling to and from appointments for in-person care settings

What our Families Say
AnswersNow Caregiver

"We weren't totally sure that we would see significant improvement. But the growth in our child is incredible. As parents we also feel supported and feel like we are learning tools for life. We have recommended your services to many people... including our pediatrician who has already sent patients your way!"

AnswersNow Caregiver

"It has been a lifesaver for our family during the long wait time for the in-person ABA. He has grown so much and life is good."

AnswersNow Caregiver

"We are so grateful to have found you. Our therapist is amazing. We cannot imagine life without her. Our child asks for her constantly and had developed a strong connection in the relatively little time we have been working together."

AnswersNow Caregiver

"There is so much growth in very little time! Tons of emerging language and significant increase in flexibility."

AnswersNow Caregiver

"After many years of private therapy and school therapy, no one has ever come up with goals like our AnswersNow BCBA has. I’m in awe. The school is looking to her for guidance. She also offered to work with his new psychologist. No one has ever stepped up like she has."

AnswersNow Caregiver

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to AnswersNow, and especially our BCBA. She is very responsive, has great suggestions, and truly tries to understand my situation. She understands not just from the clinical perspective, but also from the parent side as well."

AnswersNow Clinician

"My family just shared that they see a major improvement with their child’s imitation skills and greetings, and they can notice him generalizing! They've also seen a decrease in his jumping on furniture. They’ve had NO incidents in the last 2 weeks (we started 6 weeks ago)."

AnswersNow Caregiver

"Every parent could benefit from using this service! Very supportive clinicians providing great ideas to help solve issues for both me and my child."

AnswersNow Caregiver

"We are so pleased and impressed. We live in a rural area with no access to ABA services and Nicole has been SO very helpful to us in the short amount of time that we've been working with her."

Resources for Parents and Families

Our behavior analysts love sharing their knowledge. Have a question you can't find an answer to here? Start chatting with your behavior analyst today and get the answers you need.

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