What I Learned Using the AnswersNow Autism App

woman talking on phone with BCBA

Chad was six when I learned that he had autism. To say that I was lost and overwhelmed would be a big understatement.

With autism, there’s no “autism doctor.”

Eventually you get referred to specialists, but the road to get there is confusing and terrifying. Not only that, parenting a child with autism has frequently left me feeling isolated and ashamed.

From the time Chad was little to the age he is now—16 years old—I have often felt that caring for him requires me to put together a puzzle that is almost impossible to figure out on my own.

It has always felt this way, but Chad becoming a teenager has brought about its own challenges. I never know if it’s a “teenager thing” or an “autism thing.”

I’ve had more near-breakdowns than I can count.

Because of the confusion and frustration my family has been through with helping Chad over the years, I was initially skeptical when I heard about the Answers Now app. However, once I started using it, I realized that this approach was different from anything I had tried before.

I was immediately paired with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, otherwise known as a BCBA, who I quickly learned could be an invaluable support whenever I needed it.

I nearly broke down in tears when I realized that I could use the app to reach out to a real person—and an expert at that—who would listen to my concerns and help me create a plan.

But now that I stop to think about it, it’s more than having someone to help me solve a problem when I’m feeling overwhelmed with my son’s behavior and unsure of what to do next.

What you get with the Answers Now app is the feeling that someone is there to help you.

I truly did feel so isolated before using this app.

For the last ten years, I couldn’t help but compare my life to the lives of other parents. I saw parents posting on Facebook and bragging about how well their children were doing in school, and there I was wondering if my child was going to get kicked out of daycare.

It was almost too much to deal with.

That has all changed since I’ve started using the Answers Now app. I have somewhere I can go now. I have someone I can talk to who really gets what I’m going through.

So here is my advice to any overwhelmed parents who are considering downloading this app.

It’s so nice to know that you have an outlet where you can go to get support and education during times of despair. It’s so nice to know that the app can meet a personal need and immediately connect you with someone who cares and can help.

If you'd like to try AnswersNow yourself, you can download it on the app stores by clicking the buttons below from your phone: