About Us

Our Mission

Our team of clinicians has had thousands of conversations with parents just like you who have expressed frustrations around the lack of specific support aimed at the parent and we set out to do something about it. We started AnswersNow to bring confidence, convenience and clarity to parents of children on the autism spectrum.

What We Do

Raising a child with autism can be tough, so we provide parents all across the country with daily access to a personalized clinician via a mobile device. In addition, we give parents access to resources and specific guidance to help them through their day-to-day lives.

Reconnect with your child using AnswersNow

Our Trusted Team of Professionals

The AnswersNow team consists of professional clinicians with years of experience with helping parents of children diagnosed with autism. They are all required to have a masters degree and board certification in behavior analysis.

They realize each child develops at their own rate and that it takes time to understand each individual. Their expertise is in finding a method that works for you and your child, that fosters concrete progress, and that strengthens the relationship between you and your child.

The mobile app consists of real people, no bots or programs. Therefore, you know you’re talking with a genuine clinician who cares about your well-being. Limited time offer - sign up today and get AnswersNow for FREE for the rest of 2019.